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Child & Family Program

Family Counseling: Trauma and Violence

Besides the programs mentioned in the Child & Family Program we also provide specialized treatment for children who have been victim to, witnessed or perpetrated a violent or traumatic event.

20/20 Assessments – Evaluations for Children and Adolescents who have Experienced Trauma or Violence

Our assessments involve six to ten, fifty minute sessions sensitively conducted with the child and other significant family members. Caregivers are asked to provide historical data and complete checklists as well. At the conclusion of these sessions recommendations are made and collaboratively the therapist and family members will explore the next phase to enable growth and recovery.

Treatment for Children and Adolescents who have Experienced Trauma or Violence

Following the initial assessment, specific treatment goals are identified and addressed with a therapist who specializes in trauma. Sessions typically occur once a week and involve working collaboratively with parents and caregivers.

Family Therapy for Families who have Experienced Trauma or Violence

Experiencing violence in any form physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual can overwhelm any family and all its members. Dysfunctional patterns and/or harmful coping strategies may develop. Through the use of family therapy we help both victims and offenders change to be able to participate in their family and community violent free, with renewed hope for future opportunities.